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Best wished from 2022!

It's been 2 years since I purchased this img pack, I'm here to comment that I'm really grateful for your amazing asset! Meanwhile I have kept up some money and began to finish my own game using this exact pack as backgrounds. I hope you can come with more assets like this in the future and I'll definitely buy them! You have really contributed to indie game community and helped a lot of people.

Hope you all well!

Wow, amazing collection! How did you make these backgrounds?

Hey! We're making a game developing tool, is there a way we could license these for use in our visuals library? 

Cheers, great work!

Hey there, I don't know if you're still active, but I released my first visual novel, After School Murder Club!!, which uses a lot of your backgrounds! You are credited in the end credits, of course.

If you see this, keep up the great work!

Awesome! thanks for telling me to share it :)

Hi Akinaba, really like your backgrounds but would love to get a few additional specific ones. Are you available for commission?


I recently launched a new visual novel engine,, and I'd like to add a media repository to it. Therefore I'm in search for backgrounds, GUIs, etc. My question is: 

if I buy your packs, can I add them to this media repository? They will stay inside the project, they can't be downloaded, they will be NOT redistributed or sold to 3rd parties.

These terms will be included in the Terms & Conditions also, and creators will be credited too (I know it's not required, but still).

You can find out more about the engine on it's itch page:

My question is, this package includes the package of 130 (9.99) + this, because I was going to buy the other one, but if this includes that and more, I buy this, I hope you can clarify, I like your art

Hi, yes, it includes both, soon we are going to release the second one separate like, a 130 and a 170 image bundle. But this has it all, also we have one with characters and music if you want to see. 

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Hi, I love your great artworks and I'm interested in buying this bundle. But as I own the 130 $9.9 bundle already, are there any same images in this bundle? cause if so it would seem a little upset...

Hi yes, iit has the other 130 images, but we are releasing soon with (with a lower price) just the second image bundle without the first one.

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thanks. and will music and characters be included or in a different bundle?